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Vintage Industrial Balloon Molds Vintage Industrial Balloon Molds

These pieces are truly unique salvaged art! This vintage balloon mold originates in India. The wood lollipop style mode is attached to a wood base that many times comes with remnants of paint! Balloon were made from either ubber or latex as the mold was dipped into the respective liquid then cured in an oven. Then the mold is peeled from the form!

Truly an incredible story! This industrial find looks great as a wall piece in a rustic, or factory modern home!

Measures Approximately: 17"x 17" x 6"
Each piece is different with its own wear and tear and natual beauty.

Our Price: $149.00
Ox Cart Wheel On Stand Ox Cart Wheel On Stand

Wood Ox Cart Wheel On Iron Stand

Our Price: $255.00